The Pay-It-Forward Initiative: 20% Off / 20% Results

During these times of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies from all shapes and sizes are struggling to keep themselves afloat. To do our part to help companies stay relevant as well as give a helping hand to communities in need. Therefore, our digital marketing agency has launched the 20/20 Pay-It-Forward Initiative.

Our 20/20 Pay-It-Forward Initiative is a 90-day challenge where our agency will give any new business clients 20% off on two or more of our digital marketing services while we deliver an increase of 20% or more in overall results for impressions, clicks, and/or conversions. When our agency delivers the expected results of 20% or more during the 90-day challenge, your company must pay-it-forward by donating the 20% discount you received from us to Doctors Without Borders. Once your donation is confirmed, our agency will also donate to Doctors Without Borders with a matching gift.

Support Doctors Without Borders

Why should your company take part in our initiative?

Today, the most effective companies are those who can connect with customers on a personal level and showcase their unique products or services to those who need them. With the right digital strategy, it helps companies achieve a level of consistent, personalized connection at each stage of the customer’s journey so that your company can connect with customers and maximize your results. Our agency has the expertise to implement effective customer-centric digital marketing and web strategies that will grow your brand, sales, and customer relationships.

Join us in our 20/20 Pay-It-Forward Initiative to receive meaningful results from our digital marketing services while we both support the beneficial humanitarian medical work of Doctors Without Borders.