WOO Nätverk’s Roundtable: Facebook Business Page 11-apr
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The WOO Marketing Nätverk – the best source for practical marketing advice in Sweden!

For this free event (presented in English), the WOO Marketing Nätverk’s experts will review audience members’ Facebook Business pages for practical advice on how to optimize and improve it – LIVE! Join us to get a better understanding of tactics you can use to improve visibility and sales.

Registration to the Roundtable through Eventbrite

Our Social Media experts:
Derrick English Jr., DLE Solutions
Cristina Fernández Hidalgo, DLE Solutions
Emma Johansson, Drivhuset Växjö

Requirements: Your own laptop and a Facebook page or Facebook Business page.
Registration: To the Roundtable through Eventbrite
Price: Free
Date: 11-apr-2017 from 09:00-11:00
Location: Step Two, Arabygatan 78, 352 46 Växjö

Make sure to post the Facebook page you would like to have considered for our live review in the comments! You must be in attendance at this meeting for analysis of your Facebook page.

The group will gather every other month to share ideas and resources, hear from industry experts and to collaborate on marketing opportunities.

The Roundtable is arranged by DLE Solutions and the WOO Marketing Nätverk in collaboration with our partner Step Two.

*NOTE: All participants must register to attend the Roundtable if you would like advice. By registering for this workshop, you are also giving consent to receive our e-newsletter.

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