Don’t be persuaded to follow the black hat SEO principles

Making use of black hat SEO is not worth the risks.

written by Aleksandar Debeljak

When we create web pages, there are user-friendly rules and principles that many companies do not take into consideration. To ensure that your website has a high ranking on Google and other search engines, you need to constantly adapt and update it as SEO trends change over time. However, there are rules and principles to follow when creating a website. This blog is about the ones you should avoid using before being persuaded to the dark side of SEO (best known as black hat SEO).

Unfortunately, there are people who try to fool the search engines to increase traffic to their own website and do not care about following the rules or having the customer’s interest at heart. This is the dark side of SEO, the term black hat SEO means the people who do not care to follow the rules and only create websites to exploit SEO systems to their own advantage.

Some of the most common black hat SEO principles listed by Positionly are:

  • Paid links, an easy way to get a high ranking is buying links to manipulate search engine rankings.
  • Spam comments, many web pages that allow you to comment on articles or other content usually have this problem. A comment that contains non-related content and links that advertise something completely different.
  • Duplicate content, when you “copy and paste” content from other websites that match exactly or are similar content that the other website may have.
  • Article distortion, reminiscent of duplicate content, but this one uses special software to copy a source and reformulate it. It is more difficult to be detected by using this method.
  • Invisible text, this means white text, a list of keywords on a white background. Visitors can not see the text but the search engines can discover and index them.

If you were to be caught with the use of black hat SEO principles your site could be banned. To be banned is rare, instead, the most common penalty to your website is that it loses rankings on the search engines. Making use of black hat SEO is not worth the risks it entails because sooner or later you will get caught.

In order to be successful when creating a website make sure it is user-friendly and follows the white hat SEO principles. If you have additional concerns or questions about black hat SEO, we would enjoy to hear your feedback, so feel free to comment below!

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